March DADness Ride Bracket Scienceology

March DADness Ride Bracket Scienceology

Here at Dadding at Disney, our bracket experts have worked tirelessly for a few seconds to analyze the brackets and matchups for March DADness 2020.  In our exclusive March DADness Bracket Scienceology articles, we will go behind the scenes and hear what the experts have to say about the brackets, the thought process for the matchups and bracket design, and dig deep into the power rankings, analyzing every minuta of information about each showdown.  They haven’t done any research so take the free info for what it’s worth.

Let’s start with the obvious: we couldn’t fit every ride in here. If we missed your favorite, I’m sure you’ll leave an angry note for us in the comments. Also, we realize that Animal Kingdom is underrepresented. They should have played a stronger strength of schedule. Our bad. We tried to get a blend of rides from the different parks and tried to get a mix of classic and new attractions.

In the top left of your bracket, we have a loaded region, complete with 3 mountains and a war of the Stars. Everest vs Splash Mountain will definitely rock, while Big Thunder vs Rise of the Resistance will be a classic Disney vs Star War battle. Rise of the Resistance may be a newcomer, but we expect it to be a heavy favorite in this tournament.

In the bottom left, we take to the skies for a showdown between Mission:Space and Flight of Passage. It’s a classic matchup between reality and science fiction. Elon Musk would be proud. We also have Rock N Rollercoaster vs. Soarin’. We were going to request that Aerosmith comment but we lost their number and were too lazy to google it.

In the top right, we have a battle of EPCOT in Frozen Ever After vs Test Track. Look out for those Frozen sisters…they are sneaky. We also have new vs old in Seven Dwarfs Mine Train vs Dumbo. Watch out for those ears.

In the bottom right, we have a Hollywood Studios Homecourt advantage. We start with Toy Story Mania vs Millenium Falcon Smugglers Run. We can’t help feeling that Pirates of the Caribbean got the shaft with its matchup vs Slinky Dog. First of all, how did it end up in the Hollywood Studios section? Don’t ask us, we just made the brackets. Second of all, Slinky Dog is no underdog. Will nostalgia win out? Only you can decide.

Who will win? Let us know below!

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