March DADness 2020 Snacks

March DADness 2020 Snacks

Week 1: March DADness Snacks

2020 got your down? Politics? Leap Year? What can bring us together in these crazy times? The answer is easy. March DADness 2020

Welcome to March DADness 2020!  The best of all things Disney and March Madness.  Our bracket experts have worked tirelessly for literally minutes to curate the finest brackets and matchups.  We will have new topics for you every week in the month of March to ponder and advance your winners to the next round. Should you pick based on popularity? Budget? Practicality? The choice is yours.

How it works: download a free bracket at the top of the page and fill it out (brackets will be posted on Mondays in March)

Vote in our Instagram polls (polls will start on Tuesdays)

Follow along and see who wins

Share it with us! Make sure to tag us and use the #marchdadness2020

Winners: The winner receives the satisfaction of knowing they won…and isn’t that the greatest gift of all?

Want some insider tips on the matchups? Check out our Snack Bracket Scienceology post.

Have fun!

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