March DADness Snack Bracket Scienceology

March DADness Snack Bracket Scienceology

Here at Dadding at Disney, our bracket experts have worked tirelessly for a few seconds to analyze the brackets and matchups for March DADness 2020.  In our exclusive March DADness Snack Bracketology articles, we will go behind the scenes and hear what the experts have to say about the brackets, the thought process for the matchups and bracket design, and dig deep into the power rankings, analyzing every minuta of information about each showdown.  They haven’t done any research so take the free info for what it’s worth.

In the top left corner of your bracket, we have the frozen (not to be confused with Frozen or Frozen 2) corner.  We know there are one million different types of Dole Whips, so we thought we’d put them in a battle royale to see what people think.  Watch out for the true underdog, the Peter Pan Float to make a sneaky run here.

In the bottom left corner of the bracket, we have a fine selection of baked goods.  Yes, there are a million different variations of cupcakes and cinnamon rolls and funnel cakes.  We thought it was best to lump them together in a generic category. Watch out for the Mickey Donuts.  They are sneaky.

In the top right, we have an assortment of snacks.  Check out the Rice Krispies. Everyone trash talks about them every year, yet people load up on them to burn their snack credits.  Coincidence? Or no? The true fan favorite here is the Mickey Pretzel. Watch out, because the pretzels have home-court advantage, especially with that cheese sauce.

In the bottom right corner, we have our final group of snacks.  We aren’t really sure how Popcorn got here…but, you know…tradition.  The heavy favorite in this division is the Corn Dog Nuggies. The Waffle Sandwich is still trying to figure out, is it a waffle or a sandwich?  At this point, it looks like this group is wide open. Maybe flip a coin?

Who you got? What strategies are you going to use to pick your bracket this year? Your favorite? The best budget item? Let us know below!

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