Disney Advance Dining Reservations Walkthrough

Disney Advance Dining Reservations Walkthrough

We think the best way to ensure you get your Disney Advance Dining Reservations is to make sure you do it 180 days out. Are you lost with how to make ADR’s? Read on and we’ll show you!

Have a plan.  Know which table service restaurants you are thinking you would like to book on which days of your trip.

Get ready 5-10 minutes before 6 am est (yes that may mean setting an alarm)

Log into your Disney account through the website or through your My Disney Experience app

In the app, click on on the plus sign near the bottom of the screen, then click on “reserve dining”

On the website, hover over dining, then click on ‘make reservation’

Pick the date and time on the calender to search for available times.  If the dates don’t show up, refresh until they open at 6:00 am.

Another alternative strategy on the website is to search and open each restaurant in a new tab. We had a few issues when trying to book more than one at once, so we suggest doing one at a time.

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