Why you shouldn’t listen to ALL of the blog advice when you are planning for a Disney Vacation

Why you shouldn’t listen to ALL of the blog advice when you are planning for a Disney Vacation

Blogs are a great place to find information (especially ours, wink wink), especially about a place you have never been before. When you are headed to a place like Disney World, especially if you’ve never been with kids they can be filled with invaluable tips. One thing to keep in mind is that a blog is someone’s own personal opinion. Just because they loved or hated something at Disney World doesn’t mean that you will. After watching countless meltdowns at Disney we believe one of the keys to any Disney trip is managing expectations and to make sure you get out of it what you want. If I had taken all the millions of blog posts read before our trip too seriously, I would have have missed some magical memories. Here are some of them:

Crystal Palace- our boys had only watched a little Pooh and this was one of their favorite character meals of the entire week. 
Tusker House- some blogs love Tusker, but some others don’t. So glad we did it. It was our favorite character meal of the week.
A lot of places didn’t like Coral Reef. Our olderst still asks to go back.
Buses- everyone says they are awful but the boys loved to ride them so that helped. We had an overall pretty decent experience
Under the Sea Ride- blogs said there’s a huge scary Ursula and I figured our oldest would freak. We only went on it because there was no line. This was one of his favorite rides of the entire trip.
Tomorrowland People Mover- nobody talks about it. No line. Slow ride through Tomorrowland. It was awesome! 
Pop Century Food Court- our boys get HANGRY- kids meal was only $7and comes with Mac and cheese milk and 2 sides. This saved us from a few meltdowns
Naptime- we built in downtime every afternoon for the boys back at pop and this saved our trip
I’m sure fireworks are amazing but to also make it through the trip with a 1 year old we had to be back and didn’t get to see them. We were going to do a late night the last night but got rained out.

I guess what I am trying to say is to make sure you form your own opinions of what you like and don’t like about Disney along the way. Be open-minded and ready to look for those spontaneous moments.

What about you? What was some blog advice you wish you would have ignored (even if it’s ours haha)? Let us know below!

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lots of really great points thank you