How to Carve a Mickey Pumpkin in 10 Minutes

How to Carve a Mickey Pumpkin in 10 Minutes

It’s Halloween. Spooky Season. You probably forgot to carve pumpkins this year, because…well life gets busy. Or maybe you are just so sick of overpaying for a pumpkin carving kit that breaks when you try to do anything with it. Instead of letting Halloween be ruined forever, it’s time to become the Clark Griswold of Halloween. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Ready to go fast? Let’s do this in 10 minutes or less (or more if it takes you longer).


  • Pumpkin (we are using a mini pumpkin because it’s all we had but any will work)
  • Drill
  • Drill bit (we used a 3/8 inch bit because it was the first one we found)
  • Bowl for pumpkin guts
  • Knife (the sharper the better)
  • tealight candle (or something flammable to light up the pumpkin)
  • Spoon
mini pumpkin

Step 1: Get the pumpkin

Any pumpkin. We used a mini pumpkin. See pic to see a picture of a mini pumpkin. Obviously the bigger the pumpkin, the longer it might take you.

Step 2: Grab a knife and cut a hole around the top

seems pretty easy so far

Step 3: Take out the pumpkin guts, drop them in the bowl (or trash can)

Yes. You know the drill. Nobody else in your family will do it, so you get to. We find using a metal spoon works best to scrape the sides. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just clean-ish. Or don’t take out the pumpkin guts. You do you.

Step 4: Grab the drill and line it up in the middle of the pumpkin

It’s time to release your inner Tim Taylor. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Grab your drill and put the drill bit in. We used a 3/8 inch bit because that’s what we had. If you are using a bigger pumpkin, a circle drill bit or spade bit will also work. Line it up in the middle of the pumpkin. This will be the bottom of the Mickey shape (the big circle)

Step 5: Work the drill in a circular motion as you pull the trigger

Pull the trigger on the drill and work in a circular motion. The drill should easily move through the pumpkin making a small hole wider and wider. You can use your other hand to steady the pumpkin, just make sure you don’t drill your hand. That would not be good. You can keep working the drill until you have the size of Mickey shape that you want

Step 6: Smooth out the edges

Now that you have the Mickey shape started and roughed out, work around the edge with the drill bit to make the circle smooth and more circle-like

Step 7: Repeat the same process to make an ear

Put the drill bit on the top left of the circle you just created. You have a choice to make. If you want to make the ears separate from the head, give some space to make another hole from the ear. If you want to connect the ear, leave a little bit of space and work the circle in a large enough hole to connect to the body. You can see pics below for what each result looks like to help you decide.

Ears attached
Ears separate

Step 8: Repeat for the other ear

Step 9: Grab your candle and light it up

When everything was all done, it took us 10 minutes to make this bad boy. It will obviously take longer if you are using a full size pumpkin and not a mini one you had chillin on your porch. Less if you keep the guts inside and top on…

how to carve a mickey pumpkin
how to make a mickey mouse pumpkin
how to make a mickey pumpkin

What do you think? It’s not perfect, but it is pretty functional and kind of cute. And more importantly speedy. Let us know how it went for you and/or share your pics with us!!

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this is ridiculous, and hilarious, and amazing all at once. well done